Tree Surgeon Courses

1What is tree surgery?

Tree surgery is a practice carried out by tree surgeons (officially known as arborists) in which the surgeon cares or treats a variety of plants. If you need any work on your trees or bushes that requires professional assistance, you should get a tree surgery quote. Tree surgeons must undergo lots of training, and have a great knowledge of trees, plants and the diseases and issues they can suffer from. A tree surgeon will be able to advise the correct treatment for any problems that may occur, as well as the most appropriate action to take for any problems. I you are interested in a new career why not take on a tree surgeon course?

2Felling & Pruning

If you have overgrown branches, you should get a tree surgeon to prune trees which hang over paths, or other areas that could potentially injure members of the public. If you have a tree that's growing over a power line, has too large of an overhang, or has grown too close to a house then tree surgery is a must, for the safety and well-being of those around it. A job like this should be done by an expert. You wouldn't want heart surgery to be performed by anyone without proper training, so why do the same to your trees? You could also injure yourself attempting to do the work, or additionally damage the tree, making it more costly to treat. Sharpen up your skills and apply for a tree surgeon course.

3Treating Infection

If your tree has infections or bacteria then you should always seek professional help, to ensure that someone with years of training and experience can treat the tree. They will also be able to advise the best treatment action, as well as the most appropriate solution to your problem. By getting a trained tree surgeon you could make the difference between saving and losing a tree, as a trained professional will know how to go about caring and saving for the tree at risk.

Tree Surgeon Courses

“Many people decide to take matters into their own hands and try and fix the problem without the help of someone who has experience in the field. This leads to mistakes, such as chopping down healthy trees because they look like they are dying. I went on a tree surgeon course and learnt the skill properly.”

-Jerry Haynes

“By calling in a tree surgery specialist you can ensure the best treatment for your tree from someone who knows what they are doing. Even if the problem seems minor, such as needing a few stumps ground down, hiring a tree surgeon will be very advantageous. ”

-Mary Brown